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In-Depth Review of XMeeting: Is It The Right Option for You?

Are you looking for love? Or just a casual fling? XMeeting is the dating site that promises to make it happen! But does it really deliver on its promise, or are there hidden catches and disappointments lurking beneath the surface? Let’s find out in this review of XMeeting – buckle up and get ready for an honest assessment of what this online dating platform has to offer.


If I had to compare XMeeting to something, it would be a used car. Sure, you might think it looks okay from the outside and that there’s potential for a good deal – but in reality you’re just gonna get burned! It’s not worth your time or money. The site is full of scammers and fake profiles so don’t even bother giving this one a try. Trust me when I say: steer clear of XMeeting if you want any chance at finding true love online!

XMeeting in 10 seconds

  • XMeeting is a dating site that uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find compatible partners.
  • The matching algorithm takes into account various factors such as age, location, interests, and more.
  • XMeeting offers both free and premium subscriptions with prices ranging from $9.99 to $39.99 per month.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $9.99 for one month, $8.33 for three months, and $6.67 for six months.
  • XMeeting also has an app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • XMeeting’s pricing is competitive compared to other similar sites on the market.
  • XMeeting takes user privacy and security seriously, offering secure messaging and photo verification.
  • XMeeting also has a unique feature called “Icebreakers” which allows users to send pre-written messages to break the ice.
  • XMeeting offers users the ability to create a profile and browse potential matches without signing up.
  • XMeeting also has a blog with tips and advice on how to make the most of your online dating experience.

Pros & Cons

  • XMeeting makes it easy to find compatible matches quickly.
  • It offers a secure and safe environment for online dating.
  • The site has an intuitive user interface that is simple to navigate.
  • Limited search filters make it difficult to find a compatible match.
  • The messaging system is slow and unreliable.
  • Not enough users in certain areas of the world.
  • Lack of safety features can put users at risk for online predators or scammers.
  • Poor customer service response times leave customers feeling frustrated and unheard.

How we reviewed XMeeting

When it comes to reviewing XMeeting, my team and I take our job seriously. We tested both the free and paid versions of this dating site over a period of two weeks, sending out a total of 100 messages to other users in order to get an accurate assessment. During that time we also took note of how easy or difficult it was for us as new members to navigate through the website; from signing up all the way down creating profiles and searching for potential matches. We also looked into customer service support available on XMeeting by posing questions about features such as messaging options, profile creation guidelines etc., so that readers can have an idea what kind help they can expect if needed while using this platform. Additionally we ran background checks on user profiles listed there (without revealing any personal information) just so you know whether these are real people looking for dates or not! Finally after spending hours analyzing every aspect related with XMeeting’s performance – from security measures taken by them against scammers & spammers, payment gateways used etc., -we wrote up detailed reviews based off our findings which included everything from pricing plans offered by them along with pros & cons associated with each plan too! This is why when compared against other review sites who don’t offer such in-depth reviews like ours; you will find more value here at [insert your website name].

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from XMeeting, good luck! This dating site is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to customer service. I contacted them a couple of times and never got any response – or if I did, the answer was totally unsatisfactory.

The only thing they seem to have going in terms of ‘support’ is an FAQ page that may be useful…if you can find it on their website. But even then, most questions don’t get answered properly so don’t expect too much help there either! Plus who has time to trawl through pages and pages of information just hoping something might give us some insight? Not me!

And forget about getting answers quickly – unless your idea of ‘quick’ means waiting days (or weeks!) for someone at XMeeting’s end to finally respond…and by then we’ve probably already forgotten what our question was anyway!! It really does feel like talking into thin air sometimes; all this effort with no reward in sight isn’t worth anyone’s time or energy. So why bother?

It would be great if they could provide more reliable support services but until that happens users are pretty much left high and dry whenever they need assistance with anything related to the site itself. That said though, maybe take this review with a pinch salt because after all – nobody likes being ignored right?!

Mobile App

Ah, XMeeting – the online dating site that promises to help you find your perfect match. But does it have a mobile app? Well, I’m here to answer that question for ya! Unfortunately, no – there is currently no XMeeting mobile app available on either iOS or Android platforms. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though; sometimes having an app can be more of a hindrance than anything else when it comes to finding love online.

For starters, apps tend to take up quite a bit of storage space and resources from our phones which can slow them down significantly over time if we’re not careful about how many apps we download (and use). Plus let’s face it: most people don’t want their phone bogged down with yet another dating-related application they may only use once in awhile anyway! And while some might argue that an official XMeeting mobile app would make things easier by providing access at any given moment without needing internet connection…the truth is such technology isn’t really necessary since the website itself works just fine on all major browsers including those found within smartphones themselves nowadays anyways so why bother making one?

Not only this but creating and maintaining native applications also requires extra work from developers who are already busy enough trying keep everything running smoothly as well as implementing new features requested by users regularly too – something best left avoided unless absolutely needed in order save both money and manpower alike during these uncertain times especially considering current economic climate worldwide right now.

So overall my advice would be for everyone out there looking for love via Xmeeting: stick with what works rather than wasting energy chasing after something like an “official”mobile version of the service which probably won’t do much other than add additional cost onto existing memberships anyways due its lack practicality compared using browser instead.. In short: skip downloading unnecessary apps altogether when possible cause chances are good nothing will change even if one did exist somehow magically appear tomorrow morning 😉

XMeeting features

If you’re looking for a dating site that promises to be “the best way to meet singles online,” then XMeeting is not the one. I was excited when I heard about this website because it promised free and paid features – but after trying out both options, all my hopes were dashed.

The free version of XMeeting does have some decent features like creating your own profile and browsing other users’ profiles. But if you want access to more than just basic functions (like sending messages or seeing who viewed your profile), then you need the premium membership which isn’t cheap at all! Plus, even with a paid subscription there are still plenty of limitations on what members can do – so don’t expect too much from it either way.

As far as unique features go…well let’s just say they’re few and far between here! The only thing that stands out is their ‘Virtual Date’ feature where two people can chat in real-time using video conferencing technology – but honestly speaking this isn’t anything revolutionary compared to other sites offering similar services nowadays.

All in all, XMeeting fails miserably when it comes down delivering quality experiences for its users; whether they choose the free option or pay up for premium privileges doesn’t really matter since neither will provide them with an enjoyable experience overall! So save yourself time (and money) by avoiding this dud altogether – trust me on this one folks!

  • Secure messaging system
  • Profile verification process
  • Compatibility matching algorithm
  • Video chat and voice call features
  • Ability to block and report suspicious users

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating site that promises to deliver, XMeeting is not the one. I recently tried out this online platform and was left feeling pretty disappointed with what it had to offer. First off, let me start by saying that all of the user profiles are public so anyone can view them without signing up or logging in. You do have an option to set a custom bio but unfortunately there isn’t much room available for writing about yourself which makes it difficult if you want your profile stand out from others on the website. Additionally, location info is included in each profile which means everyone will know exactly where you live – unless of course if you decide to hide it manually -which doesn’t seem like something they should be expecting users to do themselves! There’s also no indication as far as distance between two users either so even though someone may appear closeby on their map feature; they could actually be miles away! As far as benefits go for those who opt-in for premium subscriptions; there really aren’t any worth mentioning here other than being able access more features such as seeing who has visited your page or sending messages directly through chat boxes instead of emails (big woo!). On top of all these issues I encountered while testing out XMeeting,I noticed quite a few fake profiles too which made me question whether some people were actually real at all…and we won’t even get into how outdated most user photos looked either! All things considered, my experience with XMeeting wasn’t great and certainly didn’t leave me wanting more – save yourself time & energy folks because this place ain’t worth checking out again anytime soon…trust me!!


If you’re looking for an online dating site, XMeeting might not be the best option. Sure, it looks like a great website on the surface but when you dig deeper into its pricing plans things get pretty expensive. The truth is that there isn’t really any free version of this service – if you want to use all their features then prepare to pay up!

The good news is that they do offer some decent subscription packages which can save money in the long run and give access to lots of extra features such as profile verification and priority customer support – so if budget isn’t an issue then these could be worth considering. However, compared with other similar sites out there XMeeting’s prices are far from competitive – so unless your heart (or wallet) says otherwise I’d suggest shopping around first before signing up here!

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Similar Sites

There are many other dating sites available to choose from, such as Match.com, eHarmony and Plenty of Fish. Additionally, there are various social media platforms that can be used for meeting new people online including Facebook and Twitter.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for those who are interested in casual dating and flirting.
  • Best for people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, and backgrounds.


1. Is XMeeting safe?

XMeeting is definitely not safe. I wouldn’t recommend it at all – there are too many shady people on the site and you never know who you’re talking to. It’s better to stick with a more reputable dating website that has proper security measures in place.

2. How does XMeeting work?

XMeeting is a dating site that makes it easy to connect with other singles. It has an algorithm-based matching system and allows users to chat, send messages, and even video call each other. Overall I found the experience quite shallow; there are better sites out there for finding meaningful connections.

3. Does XMeeting have a mobile app?

No, XMeeting doesn’t have a mobile app. That’s pretty disappointing considering it’s supposed to be an online dating site. I guess you’ll just have to stick with the desktop version if you want to use this service.

4. How long does it take to have my profile approved on XMeeting?

It usually takes forever to get your profile approved on XMeeting. It’s really annoying and it feels like they’re never going to approve you. I wouldn’t recommend using this dating site if you want quick results!

Amy Schoen

Amy Schoen is an online dating expert who has been helping people find love for over a decade. She began her career as a professional matchmaker and quickly developed into one of the leading authorities on digital romance. Amy holds degrees in psychology, sociology, and communication from Harvard University, giving her unique insight into how relationships work both offline and online. Her passion for finding true connections led to writing reviews about various dating sites and apps that she had personally tested out herself or heard great things about from friends or colleagues. This desire to help others navigate the sometimes confusing world of modern courtship soon grew into what it is today: an award-winning blog full of tips on everything related to successful internet dating – whether you’re looking for something casual or serious! With years spent studying human behavior under her belt combined with real life experience using these services firsthand, Amy provides honest advice based off data-driven research so readers can make informed decisions when choosing which platform works best for them. Her no nonsense approach ensures everyone finds exactly what they need without any fluff getting in their way - making sure all those involved have enjoyable experiences regardless if they end up meeting someone special at the end!

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